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We need your help to keep our local hospital strong!

Access to quality health care close to home is a vital component of a strong community. That’s why our local hospital and clinics are so important.

Recently, SSM Health and MU Health Care have entered into exclusive talks regarding the potential sale of St. Mary’s – Audrain hospital to MU Health Care.

Although the sale would mean a change in ownership, it would provide broader access to high quality health care services for the people of Central Missouri—specifically those living in Audrain, Callaway, Montgomery and Ralls Counties. It would stabilize our local hospital for years to come and provide a sound financial base for economic growth in the future. This website is designed to help answer questions about the potential change – and to let you know what you can do to help keep our local hospital strong, accessible – and right here at home.

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News & Information

  • What's Being Proposed?

    SSM Health has proposed selling the existing hospital in Audrain County to MU Health Care. They are currently in exclusive negotiations, and MU Health Care has signed a letter of intent to purchase the hospital and its related clinics… READ MORE.

  • What Is At Stake?

    Convenient access to quality health care, jobs, economic development recruitment efforts, the local economy and continued investment in our local hospital are just a few of the important factors as we consider a new owner for our local hospital… READ MORE.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When major changes occur in any community, people always have questions. Here are some of the questions that have been asked so far – along with some helpful answers… READ MORE.

  • News and Publications

    Access to quality health care is a cornerstone of maintaining a healthy and vibrant community. Here are news articles and studies that detail the importance of community hospitals and the kinds of problems that can occur when local access is limited or not available at all… READ MORE.

  • Petition and Legislative Contacts

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Community Voices

Here’s what people are saying about the proposed sale of Audrain Hospital:

  • Providing for the long term investment in our local hospital and clinics is in the best interests of everyone who lives in Mexico and surrounding communities. Your support will help insure that we all have access to quality healthcare for years to come.

    Chris Miller, Mayor of Mexico, MO
  • Right now, Audrain hospital is one of the region’s largest employers. If we lose our hospital, we not only lose access to emergency healthcare, we could lose jobs. We’ve been down that road with our brick plants in the past. We need to act now to protect this important community asset.

    Russell Runge, Director of Economic Development, City of Mexico
  • My family has relied on Audrain hospital for more than 70 years. The physicians, nurses and staff are a part on our lives. We rely on the hospital to keep us healthy and to keep Audrain and our surrounding counties economically sound. We need local health care and a community hospital that knows us and cares about us.

    Retiree, Longtime Mexico resident
  • I’ve used the clinic in Vandalia, and was admitted to the hospital in Mexico when I suffered a heart attack five years ago. I’m OK now, but without the hospital and its team of doctors and nurses, I may not even be here now to tell this story. I support the sale of Audrain hospital to MU Health Care.

    Vandalia Clinic/Audrain hospital patient, Vandalia, MO
  • Do you support Audrain hospital? Share your story with us, or follow us on Facebook to read other ideas about how we can protect our access to quality health care on a local basis.

What You Can Do

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Attend A Community Event. As the discussion goes forward there will be many opportunities for public input, testimony and advocacy. Show ‘em you care by showing up. Stay up to date with events on our Facebook page.

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Talk to Friends & Elected Officials

Stay Informed

Everyone has a story about our local hospital – and everyone has an opinion. Talk to your friends, family and elected officials and let them know what you think. CONTACT INFORMATION.

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